Owner / Host
Matthew Pray
Matthew Pray is a music educator and open source technology enthusiast who has a passion for creativity. He considers himself a life long student. MrpTech Reviews started off as a side project to learn more about audio / video production in general for it's applications in live sound recording for concerts. Since then, much has changed. Branching off into three different genres that include Tech Reviews, Tech Tips, and an audio only Podcast hosted on the Podnutz Tech Podcast Network.

After using Windows for many years, in 2008 he switched to Mac, and later in 2009 he installed Linux for the first time! With years of Android use, Chrome OS use and iOS use, he enjoys learning the in's and out's of various technologies he began looking for an outlet to discuss with anyone willing to listen!

As the Podcast came to be, and slowly evolved, many more topics of discussion came to be such as Space Exploration, Robotics, Apps, and Game development, and really any other tech topic that comes to mind.

-Amateur Radio General Class License.


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