Best Audiobook Reads of 2017

In supplement to Episode 79 of the MrpTech Podcast, here is a top ten list of audiobooks that I recommend.  Listed below are the book titles and links to Amazon through a new affiliate program I’m testing.  For more info on the books, take a listen to the latest episode of the podcast!

MrpTech Podcast:

Top Ten Favorite Audiobook Reads for 2017

10) The Player of Games

9) We are Legion, We are Bob

8) Fast Track to your Technician Class License

7) 1984: The New Classic Edition

6) Sinatra: The Chairman

5) The Master of Disguise

4) The Wise Man’s Fear

3) The Art of Invisibility

2) Raven Rock

1) Batman and Psychology

Each book was selected as my favorite reads in 2017 for different reasons.  Some books are science fiction, some books more educational resources that have helped me out, and others happen to fit in to specific areas of interest of mine during specific times of the year.  All books have great narration, and usually rated between 4 and 5 stars at by me.

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